Dissolution of Trust

A vote at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on the 30th November 2017 at Broughty Ferry Library was held and the decision was made to dissolve the trust and dispose of its assets.

This unfortunate decision was taken as a result of many factors but most prominently was the inability for the committee to gain new members from the trust membership despite repeated efforts over the past 18 months.

Steps will now be taken by the management committee to properly close down the trust following good governance and guidance from OSCR.

For all those that have supported the trust over the years, we sincerely thank you for your efforts.

Yours Faithfully,

Management Committee, Broughty Ferry Development Trust

Annual General Meeting 2016 Update

The Annual General Meeting was held at Castle Green on Saturday 27th of August at 10.30am. The meeting went very well. The following was achieved:

  • Trustees report on activities from the previous session
  • Election of committee for 2016/17
  • Discussion of plans for future

The trustees report presentation can be downloaded here. BFDT AGM Presentation 2016

Annual General Meeting Announcement

Our Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Saturday 27th of August 10.30am at Castle Green Pavilion.

Please come along to our 2016 AGM to hear a bit more about what the trust has been up to. Refreshments will be provided. Any member wishing to have their name put forward for election to the committee should send their name, contact details and statement of intent to the members’ secretary for inclusion no later than August 17th.

Submissions should be made to [email protected] New members can join by going to www.bfdt.org.uk/joinnow

Trust Update – July 2016

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Broughty Ferry Development Trust had slipped into a boat at the harbour and sailed off to sunny Fife, or been grabbed from Brook street by a particularly angry seagull. Fortunately neither of the two is true and BFDT is still here, we’ve just been keeping ourselves so busy that a year has passed and we realised we haven’t let you all know what we’ve been up to!

It’s been a busy old year for BFDT as we’ve attempted to breathe some life back into the trust. At the AGM in 2015, the trust found itself on the brink of closure – an action which would have been a real loss the community of Broughty Ferry. Nevertheless, the trust found itself back on its feet with a new committee and new goals. While we wanted to recognise and continue the good work carried out previously, we had our own vision for the role the trust could play.

Over the year, a great deal of time has been spent on ‘housekeeping’ issues – mostly relating to the constitution and governance of the trust. While not exactly glamorous and newsworthy, this work has been necessary to ensure the continuation of BFDT – even if it has led us to wonder if time itself had stopped at some of our meetings!

Out with the administration side of things, we’ve made some real inroads on projects that we’re passionate about. Our stall at Gala Day 2015 attracted some excellent responses about what YOU feel is needed in Broughty Ferry. This led us to begin looking at Reres Park. After a walk up the hill, a brief history of the site and some discussions with the relevant council departments, we’ve come up with some exciting proposals that would see the park thrive and spring back into life – both in the short and long term.

In addition to the Park, we also met on a cold, wet winters morning to walk the streets of the Ferry and take note of the condition of the street signs. You may ask why we would subject ourselves to such a task – and we would reply simply ‘one of our members suggested it!’. Many of the street signs around Broughty Ferry are original and historically interesting, a relic of times gone by. They add to the unique atmosphere of this colourful little town – and we’d love to make sure they remain for future generations too see (albeit perhaps with a bit of TLC – we all need it as we get older!) This is another work in progress, but we’re confident it’s going well – we even managed to get a great little write up in the Evening Telegraph.

As well as that we’ve had some good interactions over Facebook, plenty of helpful suggestions from our members, and we’re almost ready to launch our new website.

As you can see we’ve been anything quiet over the year, and now that we’re firmly on our feet you can expect to hear much more from us over the course of the coming year. That is, of course, barring any run in with that angry seagull on Brook Street!